Patoka Capital

Aug 30, 2020

Cyber Sciences Announces the Cytime Event Manager

Murfreesboro Tennessee, USA — 
Cyber Sciences, the global leader in precision time solutions for critical power facilities announces the release of the CyTimeTM Event Manager. The CyTime Event Manager allows for a system level view of the entire network of Sequence of Event Recorders (SERs). The Event Manager also allows the user to consolidate events from all downstream SERs pertaining to a single incident. Now the precision timed data recorded by each individual SER is combined in one powerful tool providing improved root cause analysis and verification of properly operating control systems.

“We are excited about the CyTime Event Manager and feel it is a great addition to our product line,” said Myron Blackburn, President of Cyber Sciences. “It gives the user easier access to all SERs on the network in one easy to read web interface, making for quick and easy identification of events, minimizing downtime and ultimately saving money for our customers.”

The CyTime Event Manager not only gives a quick view of each SERs health and communication status but also allows for customized views of many other SER features such as real time I/O status, events monitoring, diagnostics information and event history. “We designed the CyTime Event Manager to provide customized views so the user can see important information from only one SER or a consolidated view from as many SERs as required for productive analysis or event reconstruction, said Lee Wallis, VP of Engineering at Cyber Sciences. “The goal is to make the root cause analysis and event reconstruction capabilities of our products more powerful and easy to use.”